Tapping into Wealth by Margaret M Lynch

Tapping into Wealth is the new book by renowned tapping expert Margaret M Lynch.

Margaret M Lynch specializes in releasing those hidden blocks that are preventing you from realizing your financial dreams. One of those who walks the walk and not just talk the talk we always highly recommend her products to our readers and this one is particularly great value.

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“You will start each chapter with a startling revelation about the true reason your income, savings, debt etc are not where you want them and the beliefs, rules, emotions and traumas that connected to these limiting set points. As each insight RESONATES with your life, you’ll have those AHA! moments that can’t be explained without experiencing them yourself. You’ll actually feel the fascinating mind-body connection to the money.”

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 1 – The Mind/Body Connection

Learn why your relationship to money is as tied to the Mind/Body connection as negative emotions and illness. Uncover the real reason the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you by starting to understand the money blocks that undermine any positive intentions you are sending out.

Bonus Video: The Secret Story and Power of Your Subconscious Mind Get a deeper understanding of how your subconscious mind operates, the real reason people self-sabotage and how shifting this part of your mind results in a quantum leap forward.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 2 – The Basics of Tapping

Don’t just learn what the tapping method is. Learn the science behind it, people you know and respect who use it, how it can reach your subconscious, and how simple (and fun) it is to do yourself!

Bonus Video: How to Tap. Trouble understanding diagrams? Watch this demonstration on how to do tapping and see the location of the tapping points.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 3 – The 5 Categories of Money?

Let go of euphemisms for money like abundance and prosperity and get at the real shapes money takes on in your life. Uncover the five categories money falls into and start to understand the emotions and programming attached to each that’s holding you back.

Bonus Video: Create Your Personal Money Map. This fast exercise reveals how you are programmed in all 5 categories of money so you can laser focus your progress.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 4 – How Do You Really Feel About Money?

It’s time to face your feelings about money! This Chapter is full of exercises to begin clearing away the negative emotions you have about money so you can begin to LIBERATE yourself from your programming.

Bonus Video: Your Daily Shift to Creating and Attracting More Income. Employ this tapping routine, daily which focuses on the shift to earning and receiving more!

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 5 – Your Earliest View of Money Paradigm

Go back to your childhood to observe what you saw and heard in your family’s relationship with money that became “truths” you absorbed and still believe today. Unearth your wealth “vows” and limiting set points for your worth and begin the Tapping work to clear them.

Bonus Video: Clearing the Boom and Bust Cycle in Your Money. Tune into this revealing discussion about why so many people cycle through making more money and then losing it both in their businesses or personal income.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 6 – Financial Trauma

Troubling financial events are more than just a bad experience – they can cause catastrophic financial trauma that forever controls your financial picture unless you are able to acknowledge and move past them! This crucial chapter is full of tailored, life-changing Tapping exercises that will allow you to move forward and trust yourself again in your money.

Bonus Video: Let’s Have Fun with Tapping for $50,000. After dealing with the heavy lifting of financial trauma, it’s time for a new, fun way of tapping that will leave you excited, energized and feeling great about money.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 7 – How Debt Keeps You Stuck

There’s good debt, bad debt – and emotional debt. When you use Tapping to get at the roots of the emotions of bad debt, you clear away a huge subconscious barrier to manifesting money and begin moving from debt to true wealth.

Bonus Video: Quantum Leap from Debt to REAL Wealth. Get ready. We’re going to knock out all your resistance to creating REAL wealth with an outrageous way of tapping.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 8 – Your Hidden Agendas

You’ve worked to clear your limiting programming about money, wealth vows and financial traumas. Using guided mapping, now identify and take apart the very structure of your hidden agenda to break free of the cycle of negativity and shift to the positive.

Bonus Video: An Unusual But Effective Process to Expand Your Income. See the true impact setting of bigger income goals and how much YOU matter, with this fast exercise.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 9 – Resistance to Settings Big Goals

Quite simply, you have to set big goals to get big results. Tapping is a highly effective tool to break your resistance and switch the act of setting and attaining a big goal from stressful to motivating and full of promise.

Bonus Video: Supercharge Your Income Goals by Aligning With Miracles. A must-see tapping process that will bring you into the “miracle vibe”.

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Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 10 – Setting Outrageous Goals

Only outrageous goals give you outrageous results! What comes up when you challenge yourself to identify and share these goals is extraordinarily powerful – and when you stop resisting your creativity and inner entrepreneur steps in to lead you where you need to go.

Bonus Video: Developing the Midas Touch In Everything You Do. Come to a new understanding of the power of inspired action and practice some fast tapping to keep you moving forward.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 11 – Goal Trauma

Just like financial trauma, goal trauma can cast permanent dark clouds over future goals unless you call them out and send them away through Tapping. Don’t let it rain on your aspirations any longer!

Bonus Video: Claim Your Super Hero Powers with this Surprising Exercise. Discover all the gifts you truly possess from past mistakes and bring them into everything you do.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 12 – I Don’t Deserve More Money

This is the Chapter where the biggest changes happen. Come face to face with your set points for how much you can earn and how much you are allowed to be worth – and for the first time, act to raise them.

Bonus Video: Getting Real and Getting Over the Inner Value Battle. Recognize why you doubt yourself and your value when it matters most and learn how to make the shift to a consistently empowered state.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 13 – Breaking the Cycle of Always Striving But Never Arriving

You know you work extremely hard toward your goals – that’s a reason you’re here, reading this book. But you must address your relationship with perfection to get off the treadmill and start getting somewhere.

Bonus Video: Being Perfect is Boring, BE AWESOME Instead! Quickly shift out of your inner critic to a fun and powerful vibe.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 14 – Feeling Invisible

Do the people around you know your power or are you hidden to them? Through Tapping, shine the light on your own brilliance and watch things transform around you.

Bonus Video: Your Proof – You Are More Powerful Now Than Ever Before. Is this the right time in your life to make a change and create more wealth? A quick exercise will reveal the answer.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 15 – Becoming a Great Receiver

Learn how you’ve put up obstacles and been programmed to refuse support from others toward your goals, needs and desires. You shouldn’t do everything alone. Tapping allows you to be open to the help you need and achieve even more!

Bonus Video: The Truth About What You Really Want and How to Ask for It. A fast visit to you inner child will change forever the things you are asking for and how you ask for them.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 16 – I Refuse to be Rich!

Just below the surface of how lots of money seems like a no-brainer lurks this limiting block that sabotages your goals. Learn how to get out from under the “money shadow” that depicts wealth as negative.

Bonus Video: Transforming Your Wealth Identity. How someone you admire can help you to define who you are becoming as an empowered wealthy person.

Tapping into Wealth – Chapter 17 – The 5 Disciplines to Creating a New Vibration about Money

You’ve absorbed many important insights and had many “AHA!” moments through the Tapping exercises to identify and clear your limited programming about money. With five disciplines provided for you to follow on a daily basis, find a sustainable way to continue growing and benefiting from the life-changing work you’ve done thus far!

Bonus Video: Creating A Wealthy Life of Meaning and Impact. Final, impactful words about following the nudge in your heart with courage and faith.

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Tapping into Wealth by Margaret M Lynch
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