How Does EFT Work?

Our bodies have currents and connections all over the place. We conduct and carry electricity all the time. If you’ve ever had an electric shock on a windy day, as you’ve touched something metal you’ll know you can carry electricity.

If you touch something very hot, you feel the pain immediately because the sensors in your hands carry the information via circuits up to your brain. The sense of pain travels as fast as an electrical current up to your pain receptors and translates as a huge “ow” as you remove your hand instinctively away from the pain.

We need these energy flows to live and survive. If you look at a people suffering from leprosy, you’ll know the damage is not done by the disease, but by one of the symptoms of the disease- the loss of pain receptors. The body is no longer able to carry information about hots and colds, and pain. This means the body can suffer injury without the body letting the brain know.

We need the electrical sensors in us to live and survive. Without them we would not be able to touch, taste, smell, see or hear.

We can record these electrical patterns in several ways. Sensors can measure the electrical pathways in our brains and hearts, with an EEG (electroencephalograph) for the brain, or an EKG (electrocardiograph) for the heart. These measure the currents running through these vital organs, allowing doctors to measure and analyze their performance and health.

We need strong electrical vitals to survive and live. When the energy stops flowing we do too – we can’t live.

Before the advent of machines to measure this energy, Eastern philosophers and medicine practitioners discovered these pathways. Chinese practitioners developed a system of tracking the energy points of the body tracking how our energy moves through the body. These electrical circuits or meridians were then used to treat all sorts of ailments.

The science of acupuncture is about stimulating these meridian points to counter any issue that could be caused by a break down in our body’s electrical circuits. Acupuncture isn’t the only form treatment to come out of this.  Wide range of treatments including acupressure, chiropractory, massages therapy and of course EFT uses these points to treat a vast array of problems.

You may not be able to physically see the energy travelling around your body, you that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

For a long time western medicine has tried to change the internal by focusing on the chemical side of health, giving sufferers drugs and substances to alter the body’s chemistry. However more and more western medical professionals are moving back to investigating the benefits of eastern practices and many have implemented some of the practices as part of their treatment programme.

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