Carol Look – Attracting Abundance with EFT

Carol Look EFT Coach

Carol Look is a leading authority on EFT and has recently released the 2nd edition of her ebook ‘Attracting Abundance with EFT’.

Visit the Carol Look website today for more details: Click here today

Carol Look Attracting Abundance with EFT

Inside there are step-by-step instructions covering almost 60 different EFT Exercises designed to release any blocks or limiting beliefs that are stopping you achieving the wealth and life that you desire.

Many EFT teachers, including Carol Look, talk about abundance blocks and with good reason. These are the mental and emotional chains that stop us moving forward and claiming the life we dream of.

Perhaps it is guilt about having more than others or fear that others will be jealous. Perhaps you struggle with “standing out” and don’t want to be noticed.

Other people have been taught by parents and other influential people that there is a scarcity of resources so there is not enough for them.

Perhaps you, like many people have a ceilings about what you think and believe you deserve. Do you have a consciousness of prosperity or scarcity? Wealth or poverty? Abundance or plenty?

Whatever the source of your emotional blocks to success and abundance are (fear, guilt, feelings of inadequacy or anything else), this book is designed to help you break free from these chains and walk into the abundance that you know you deserve.

The Attracting Abundance includes some fun games. Carol Look has including 8 playful and fun abundance games to help raise your vibration and produce laser like focus.

For example, the Yes Game or the Thank You Game. These are two powerful games you verbalize out loud or write down that will turn your situation around so you attract what you want instead of feeling impatient or hopeless.

All in all its a great book that really helps to target what is holding you back.

Visit the Carol Look website today for more details: Click here today

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Carol Look – Attracting Abundance with EFT
Posted Monday, September 3rd, 2012

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  1. Yolanda Williams says:

    I am very interested in the book that has to do with clearing the Chakras of any blocks towards wealth.

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