A Short History of EFT

The science of EFT began not with a research grant and a pile of guileless volunteers in a research lab, but rather with a woman suffering from a crippling fear of water.

Her therapist, a Doctor Roger Callahan had tried every method known to him to cure her over an eight month period. He had tried all conventional methods but nothing had shown any signs of even alleviating the problem.

Callahan had been reading about meridians and how they may affect our health. Almost carelessly and without a lot of though, he began to tap just under Maria’s eye which is the end point of the stomach meridian. This was because she had mentioned an upset stomach and he felt it may help. She announced to her astonished therapist who had tried everything else that her phobia had gone. To prove the point she went down to a local pool and began to splash water over her face, laughing.

Her headaches, her panic attacks, her fear had all gone. She was completely free of the phobia that had crippled her, to the point she no longer had the bad dreams and nightmares she had been suffering from for such a long time. EFT since then has continued to have countless case studies attributing it to breaking through where everything else failed.

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